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. Buddhist Organisations .

Sri Bodhiraja Foundation - Sri Lanka

Damrivi Foundation
All Ceylon Buddhist Congress - Sri Lanka Buddhist Council of NSW
Ministry of Buddha Sasana - Sri Lanka Buddhist Cultural Centre - Sri Lanka
Buddhist Directory - Sri Lanka

Lankarama Buddhist Youth Group

University of Sydney Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, US
. Web sites .
Mettanet - Lanka

Staten Island Buddhist Vihara Theravada Online Buddhist Directory
The Samatha Trust Buddhism Depot
Access to Insight Dharmanet International
Buddhanet Lankarama - Italy
Jathaka Katha | English | Sinhala | Lowedasangarawa Kavi
Dharma Ring

Wat Buddhapadipa, Wimbledon, UK

. Meditation .
Forest Sangha, Amaravati, UK Aukana Trust & House of Inner Tranquility, UK
Gaia House, Devon, UK The Forest Hermitage, Warwickshire, UK
Paramita Meditation Centre, Sri Lanka Insight Meditation Society, US
The Forest Refuge, US Spirit Rock Meditation Center Lewella Meditation Centre, Sri Lanka
Wat Thaton, Chiangmai Province, Thailand The Samatha Trust, UK
The Bhavana Society, US Association for Insight Meditation

Meth Saviya
. Buddhist Temples .
Buddhist Centres in ACT Buddhist Vihara, Kambah, ACT
Buddhist Centres in Victoria Daham Nikethanaya, Yuroke, Victoria
Dhamma Sarana Temple, Keysborough,Victoria Buddhist Centres in Queensland
Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, Berwick, Victoria Buddhist Centres in NSW
London Buddhist Vihara, UK Aloka Meditation Centre, Peats Ridge, NSW
Thames Buddhist Vihara, UK Houston Buddhist Vihara, USA
Florida Buddhist Vihara, USA New York Buddhist Vihara, USA
Georgia Buddhist Vihara. USA Washington Buddhist Vihara, USA
Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara, USA Sri Lankaramaya, Auckland, New Zealand
Buddhist Vihara Society, British Columbia, Canada Buddhist Temples, India
. Buddhist Media .
Budusarana Buddhist News
Journal of Buddhist Ethics BuddhaNet
Buddhist Paintings of Sri Lanka Buddhasasana
The Vipassana Page The Buddhist Society, UK
Beyond the Net, Sri Lanka Wisdom Books (UK distributor of Buddhist texts)
Godwin Samararatne - Teachings and Tributes Mahamevnawa, Sri Lanka
Buddhist Info UK Tipitaka Online
Dhammapada Online Sangha Online
Basic Buddhism Course Triplegem Discussion
Chronicle of Buddha Gotama Buddhism News & Review


The Tripitaka

Forest Meditation

Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

Buddhist Publication Society Biographies of Sinhala Sangha Fathers
Access to Insight - Readings in Theravada Buddhism Aathaapi - Theravada Dhamma Portal
Golden Talks from the past Sinhala Dhamma Desana
. Pilgrimage .
Golden Temple, Dambulla, Sri Lanka Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya, Sri Lanka
The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Sri Lanka Mihintalava-Birthplace of Sri Lankan Buddhist Civilization

Parama Dhamma Chethiya Pirivena, Sri Lanka

Tantirimale Rajamaha Vihara, Sri Lanka
Buddhist Pilgrimage in India Mahindarama Buddhist Temple, Malaysia
Jathika Namal Uyana, Sri Lanka Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery




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Because I'm Here

An old monk was sweeping the yard in a monastery under the scorching sun.

Another monk passed by and asked him, "How old are you?"

The old monk replied, "I'm seventy-seven."

"You are so old! Why are you still working so hard here?"

"Well, because I'm here."

"But why are you working under the scorching sun?"

"Because the sun is there."

(Act without worrying about the results, and strive for excellence without dwelling on it. If we put all of our hearts into what we do without complaining, we can become one with the "Way.")

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