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Vesak 2011  - 2600th Anniversary of the Enlightenment
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Bodhgaya to all humankind - The very word conjures up images of the sacred site…
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Death, Rebirth and Karma - The article titled 'Death, rebirth and Karma: A medical scientific perspective...
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The Baby's Flesh - A young couple and their two-year-old child...
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Nalin Swaris - As I saw him - Nalin Swaris passed away on 17th April 2011 while he was on a tour in China...
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The Great Tamil Buddhists - The History of Buddhism in the Tamil Kingdoms of South India...
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Life story of Buddha  -  Pictorial chronicle of Buddha's life


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For Thoughtful Mind


   Aloka Journal Page 1  
J1.01  Therapeutic nature of the Four Noble Truths

 Buddhism, the environment & the human future

J1.02  The Buddha’s true miracle Towards a purified mind J1.12
J1.03  Writings of Nanavira Thera Wisdom: The heart of Buddhism J1.13
J1.04  Buddhism - learn it. Live it 'Never from this seat will I stir, till I attain absolute wisdom!' J1.14
J1.05 Should Buddhists be vegetarians? To be human is to respect all beings J1.15
J1.06 .......Buddhism and science: One analysis but two goals?....... Where love is selfless J1.16
J1.07 Morality, virtue and ethical conduct From clashing sects to universal brotherhood J1.17
J1.08 Wisdom: more precious than gold Angulimala: A Story of the Power of Compassion J1.18
J1.09 Paramita: Persevere to reach your goal Eight excellent things in the great ocean and the Sasana J1.19
J1.10 Reincarnation & Rebirth Nibbana theory for a Dhamma millennium J1.20


   Aloka Journal Page 2  
J2.01 On the path of enlightenment

Is wealth compatible with religious living?

J2.02 ..........Why meditation is indispensable for Buddhists...... Looking through conventions J2.12
J2.03 Birth, offerings, death and after The concept of truth J2.13
J2.04 The Buddha, our unique teacher The life beyond J2.14
J2.05 What does it mean to be enlightened? Sinhala Buddhism J2.15
J2.06 Karma, the law that no being can escape On the Way to Nibbana J2.16
J2.07 The Buddha's conversation with a farmer Kamma and Free Will J2.17
J2.08 Peace in Buddhism The supreme sacrifice of Dana J2.18
J2.09 Gleanings from the Parayana Dhamma everywhere, but is it for mindful assimilation? J2.19
J2.10 Simile of the bee Free thinking critique in Buddhism J2.20


   Aloka Journal Page 3  
J3.01 The Buddha: The greatest humanist

Has Buddhism an answer to our problems

J3.02 Harmonious totality as against divisive dominance Look around you during this Vesak J3.12
J3.03 Buddhism's global appeal Karma and its wrong interpretations J3.13
J3.04 The Buddha, our unique Teacher Concept of love as basis of spiritual growth J3.14
J3.05 Pancha Seela misunderstood by Buddhists Christian Buddhists in the western world J3.15
J3.06 The Mangala Sutta neglected & little understood Facing pain according to the Buddhist way J3.16
J3.07 Religions and the Dhamma The Elegance of The Buddha J3.17
J3.08 ...The Buddha's teachings and apocryphal scriptures.. Special significance of Binara poya J3.18
J3.09 Buddhist response to global terrorism .......The essentials of a Buddhist social philosophy....... J3.19
J3.10 God and Nirvana The doctrine of abandonment J3.20


   Aloka Journal Page 4  
J4.01 A stepping stone to end suffering

The Buddha: Who He was, and what He taught

J4.02 Creating more space and love in our lives Extinguish the fires of greed; globe will be less warm J4.12
J4.03 Realising the right to life of all beings The Buddha's teaching and the origin of life J4.13
J4.04 ...Attach without fear to your precepts, meditation..... Buddha's analysis of King Kosala's dreams J4.14
J4.05 How to be reborn as Sakka, king of gods The Buddhist Way of Life J4.15
J4.06 Significance of Vesak Full Moon Poya day The Real Buddhism J4.16
J4.07 The four noble truths and the eight fold path Buddhism and Marriage J4.17
J4.08 The Buddha’s path to Nibbana How rebirth takes place J4.18
J4.09 The Buddha who guided us to inner peace A real Buddhist is a Citizen of the World J4.19
J4.10 Daana, principal virtue of a Bodhisatva Trinity of Buddhism J4.20


   Aloka Journal Page 5  
J5.01 To Love and be Loved

Man needs release from monotony and suffering

J5.02 Buddha's Way to happiness On Nibbana J5.12
J5.03 Remembering previous lives under hypnosis Poson - the light that shone from Mihintale J5.13
J5.04 Just before the demise of the Master Buddha’s legacy to humanity J5.14
J5.05 Universal characteristics in Buddhism End of sorrow: Buddha has shown the way J5.15
J5.06 Problem of the soul in Buddhism Meaning of Vesak J5.16
J5.07 Footprints in the dust: Buddha’s travels in India Is there 'life' after death? J5.17
J5.08 The mystery of the magical scene Peace through cohabitation between Buddhism and Hinduism J5.18
J5.09 Eliminating Anger Buddhism and animal rights J5.19
J5.10 .....Poson focus on Mihintale - Mahinda's priceless legacy ..... Meditation: methods and benefits J5.20


   Aloka Journal Page 6  
J6.01 Theory of multiple universe systems

Buddhism and Ayurvedic medicine

J6.02 .......Abhidhamma expounds the quintessence of the Buddha.......... Proteins in green leaves, grass, grams, etc. J6.12
J6.03 Some aspects of Buddhism Buddhist Carnivora? J6.13
J6.04 Theravada in retrospect A message for all times J6.14
J6.05 An act of compassion Buddha's teachings, a triumph for reason J6.15
J6.06 The truth of the matter Epoch-making event on Unduvap Poya J6.16
J6.07 A belief in the oneness of man Anantharika Karma - an encyclopaedic perspective J6.17
J6.08 Esala Full Moon Poya Angulimala paritta: Benefits to pregnant mothers & unborn babies J6.18
J6.09 Has Buddhism the answer? Towards a Buddhist Social Philosophy - Part I J6.19
J6.10 Dasa-Raja-Dhamma, reminiscent of good governance Towards a Buddhist Social Philosophy - Part II J6.20


   Aloka Journal Page 7  
J7.01 Thoughts on Nibbana

The Buddha's approach to religious conversion

J7.02 How the Buddha's Enlightenment changed the world's thinking Metta, a subline state of mind J7.12
J7.03 We need the light of the dhamma Seeing things as they really are J7.13
J7.04 Some notes on dhamma ................Puggalavada and Theravada Buddhist teachings............ J7.14
J7.05 Birth of the noble prince ‘Turn around’ to the Dharma J7.15
J7.06 The tree of enlightenment Buddhist opposition to animal sacrifice J7.16
J7.07 Rebirth - fact or fiction Buddhist stand on war J7.17
J7.08 Indian oral education system evolved in Buddhist monasticism Mind, Brain and Consciousness J7.18
J7.09 Bodhisatta Setaketu's descent to earth Writings of Nanavira Thera (1) J7.19
J7.10 The daily life of the Buddha The Buddha’s First sermon J7.20


   Aloka Journal Page 8  
J8.01 ...........Spread peace through thoughts, words, deeds...........

What did the Buddha teach?


J8.02 Revolt against false values Meditation On Mindfulness J8.12
J8.03 Let the Dhamma be your refuge Why Vesak is significant for the global society? J8.13
J8.04 Some salient features of Buddhism The Art of giving J8.14
J8.05 Nirvana Transient are all formations; strive zealously J8.15
J8.06 What should be the Vesak determination? Navigating the New Millennium J8.16
J8.07 Revolt against false values Reflections on the Five Aggregates (Khandhas) in Buddhism J8.17
J8.08 Understanding akusala and kusala Translations of Buddhist texts by the Royal Asiatic Society J8.18
J8.09 The significance of Vesak The Buddha’s true face J8.19
J8.10 The Bodhi-Puja The Buddha’s admonition to lay disciples J8.20


   Aloka Journal Page 9  
J9.01 Buddhism’s appeal in the western world

Tale of two cities from Buddhist Burma


J9.02 Vipassana Meditation; Key to Prevention of Crime Sri Lankan Buddhism


J9.03 The Buddha and Pythagoras Buddhism, bioethics and society: Cloning not new for Buddha J9.13
J9.04 Scientific principles of death and rebirth in Buddhism Full Moon Poya Day of Duruthu in the year 2552 J9.14
J9.05 Conversation about Buddhism The great Tamil Buddhists J9.15
J9.06 Meditation: methods and benefits Vesak, the day of enlightenment J9.16
J9.07 Is there 'life' after death? Mind, Matter and Nirvana in Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism J9.17
J9.08 Peace through cohabitation between Buddhism and Hinduism ..... Conflict resolution: How Lord Buddha’s way offers an answer J9.18
J9.09 Buddhism and animal rights Meditation J9.19
J9.10 Bodhgaya to all humankind Vinaya – rules and the Sangha J9.20


   Aloka Journal Page 10  
J10.01 Develop wisdom to overcome Avijjaa

The conscious and subconscious mind


J10.02 Great renunciation of Prince Siddhartha The drama of the Buddha's birth


J10.03 Great renunciation of Prince Siddhartha ....Maha Pajapati Gotami, Buddhism's first Bhikkhuni ....... J10.13
J10.04 Pasenadi's dreams: Buddha's interpretations coming true How Buddhism reached Germany J10.14
J10.05 Glorious path to mind and soul conditioning The Christian view of the soul J10.15
J10.06 Science and Hypnosis Part 1 The mystery behind relic-worship J10.16
J10.07 Science and Hypnosis Part 2 The Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation J10.17
J10.08 Science and Hypnosis Part 3 The quantum theory of life and Buddhism J10.18
J10.09 Science and Hypnosis Part 4 Relating Bhavana to daily Life J10.19
J10.10 Science and Hypnosis Part 5 Are eggs vegetarian? J10.20


   Aloka Journal Page 11  
J11.01 Two Truths in Buddhism

Glorious path to mind and soul conditioning


J11.02 Am I smarter than you ? Yes, if you are a meat eater Sublime virtues to happiness and peace


J11.03 Living stress free Fundamentals of Buddhism J11.13
J11.04 The actual meaning of refuge in the Triple Gems and the Precepts Buddha Charitha or life of the Buddha J11.14
J11.05 Vesak Reflection on the Medical Profession Samana Gotama to Buddha: A canonical based reconstruction J11.15
J11.06 Full moon Poya day of Vesak 2552 The seat of enlightenment J11.16
J11.07 Insight (Vipassana) Meditation in Sri Lanka Truth is unpleasant J11.17
J11.08 Buddhism and Science Thanatophobia - the fear of death J11.18
J11.09 Hypnosis, Re-birth and Kamma Time and space: The Abhidhamma perspective J11.19
J11.10 Stressed Americans turn to meditation Corrections needed in the presentation of the 'Angulimala Paritta' J11.20


2600   Aloka Journal Page 12   2600
J12.01 Some thoughts on the Buddha and his teaching

Bliss of detachment


J12.02 ...Righteous authority of governance as a democratic meritocracy... Reciting Parithrana for Sri Sambuddathwa Jayanthi


J12.03 Why Buddhism is a religion Buddhism in everyday life J12.13
J12.04 Buddha’s message to humanity History of Sambudhattva Jayanthi J12.14
J12.05 Ways of Gotama Buddha, The Perfect One Shuttling diplomacy and strategic moves before Buddhism took root J12.15
J12.06 2600 Sri Samma Sambuddhatwa Jayanthi It all happened 2600 years ago, under a Bo tree J12.16
J12.07 The uniqueness of Buddhism Celebrating 2600 years since the Enlightenment of the Buddha J12.17
J12.08 Buddha, the greatest communicator Commemorating 2600th Sambuddhathva J12.18
J12.09 Consciousness, your inheritance Dual significance of Sambuddhatva Jayanthi J12.19
J12.10 Be peaceful and useful Celebrating Enlightenment J12.20


   Aloka Journal Page 13  
J13.01 Controversy at Panadura, Panadura Debate (Panadura Vaadaya)

The mind and consciousness


J13.02 Galileo and method Your deeds mould your life


J13.03 The distorted heritage of Buddhist sites Pirith its purpose, value and usage J13.13
J13.04 Liberation of the individual in Buddhism Buddha highlights the value of tending the sick J13.14
J13.05 Real happiness through Buddhist teachings Restless society and restrained mind J13.15
J13.06 Rebirth: can we discard as mere fantasy or fiction? Zen Buddhism J13.16
J13.07 Know the breath (Anapana Sati) Seeking the refuge of Tisarana in the footsteps of the Buddha J13.17
J13.08 Learning & discipline must combine in university education Poson Poya: Spiritual rebirth in Sri Lanka J13.18
J13.09 Buddhist attitude to other religions Discussion between King Devanampiyatissa and Arhant Mahinda J13.19
J13.10 Lessons from ancient city of Anuradhapura Day of Lanka’s religious rebirth J13.20


   Aloka Journal Page 14  
J14.01 Vinaya - rules and the Sangha

The existence of objects


J14.02 Help the Earth Survive by being Vegetarian War-like situation, peace and Buddhism


J14.03 Science and Buddhism Ata Visi Budhuvaru – The 28 Buddhas J14.13
J14.04 Why Navam Poya is Important When three Pious Buddhists met royalty Part I - Part II J14.14
J14.05 Significance of Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day Buddhism & The Soldier J14.15
J14.06 The Significance of Nikini Poya Day Buddha Gaya - The site of Enlightenment J14.16
J14.07 The purpose of life Some thoughts for Vesak J14.17
J14.08 Psychological aspects of Jathaka stories ...The Out-of-doors So Significant in the Life of the Buddha.... J14.18
J14.09 Vesak Full Moon Poya day: The saga of the Buddhahood Life and its purpose J14.19
J14.10 A Buddhist Point of View regarding the Failure of Capitalism Planes of existence, a Buddhist perspective J14.20


   Aloka Journal Page 15  
J15.01 Next Economy, Buddhist Economy

The Spirit of Buddhism and its prevalence this day


J15.02 World peace - ideal or fantasy? I want happiness - Once a rich prince went to his spiritual teacher.


J15.03 Buddhism and Green Issues Physical and spiritual health J15.13
J15.04 Initiating Bhikkhuni Order Death: Is it the end? J15.14
J15.05 Significance of Binara poya Western Science, Astrology and Arsenic - Part I II III IV J15.15
J15.06 The world is created and established through ignorance How did the Buddha give his knowledge? J15.16
J15.07 Dhamma in life’s journey The driving force in Samsara - Part I II J15.17
J15.08 The Full Moon Poya Day of Medin in the Buddhist year 2556 Buddhist psychology of womanhood J15.18
J15.09 Scientific Principles of Death and Rebirth in Buddhism Decline of the Buddha’s teaching to a religion J15.19
J15.10 Buddha Proclaims the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as Parting Gift Scientific Basis Of Brain, Consciousness And Rebirth - Part I II J15.20


   Aloka Journal Page 16  
J16.01 Sangamitta and the Bhikkhuni Order in Sri Lanka

.......................Devadatta and Bodhisatva.....................


J16.02 How Buddhism can be localized in one’s own country The tragic story of Bhikkhuni Patachara J16.12
J16.03 Buddha’s Universe Cosmologically Compatible Practice of Buddhist Wisdom and loving Kindness J16.13
J16.04 End of the world the Buddhist perspective Buddhist ethics is the only way to an ideal society J16.14
J16.05 The way to possess the great treasure  Ariya Samatha as Expounded by Buddha J16.15
J16.06 Duruthu Poya Gauthama Buddha’s first visit to Lanka Is spirituality a grey matter? J16.16
J16.07 'He who discerns the Dhamma discerns me'  The quest for meaning J16.17
J16.08 King Pasenadi's 16 dreams  Should Buddhists continue to eat meat? J16.18
J16.09 Understanding Bududahama  Purification of Mind J16.19
J16.10 Greatest son born in Indian soil  Essential points of the Buddhist teachings J16.20


   Aloka Journal Page 17  
J17.01 Buddha's Wisdom and a Universal Law Self-transformation


J17.02 A life spent in meditation Truth-seeking and path-following: Moral conundrum for Buddhist... J17.12
J17.03 Beyond mere tolerance - The Buddhist viewpoint on other religions A discipline of sobriety J17.13
J17.04 Thoughts for Vesak - He who reveres those worthy of reverence Definition of Faith in Buddhism J17.14
J17.05 Is it correct to call the Buddha’s Teaching a religion? Are we becoming ‘Nominal Buddhists’? J17.15
J17.06 A 2500-year-old message of compassion and love Gautama Buddha visits His Relatives in Kapilawasthupura J17.16
J17.07 Buddha’s wisdom and a universal law Free from bonds J17.17
J17.08 Discovering the law of cause and effect under the Bo tree Scientific basis of mindfulness meditation - Excerpts of a guest lecture delivered J17.18
J17.09 An introduction to Buddhism and Gothama Buddha Some Reflections on ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ J17.19
J17.10 Message for a globalized World Scientific proof of mindfulness meditation J17.20
    The question arises whether the "Mindfulness Meditation" J17.21


   Aloka Journal Page 18  
J18.01 Belittling Gautama Buddha’s achievements  


J18.02 Buddha’s Dhamma Discourses and Present Practices - Part 1   J18.02
J18.03 Buddha’s Dhamma Discourses and Present Practices - Part 2   J18.03
J18.04 From Views to Vision - The Buddha's teaching repeatedly cautions us...   J18.04
J18.05 A cry for clarification on 'From Views to Vision'   J18.05
J18.06 The Buddha you never knew - According to the most ancient sources...   J18.06
J18.07 Buddha you never knew: Continue discussion   J18.07
J18.08 Death: What next? - Death is the only guarantee in life and...   J18.08







Page Index

 News Articles on Buddhism  



   Aloka News Articles Page 1  
N1.01 The third introduction of Buddhism in Sri Lanka Save Lumbini for world Buddhists N1.16
N1.02 Row by row, a historic depiction of Buddhist murals The Bauddha Mahotsav Festival N1.17
N1.03 Serenity amidst a canopy of green Buddhist missionary monks drawn from Vidyodaya N1.18
N1.04 A ray of light behind high walls Dhamma Vivarana Movement Charter N1.19
N1.05 Down memory lane to 2500th Buddha Jayanthi Being vegan or vegetarian ? N1.20
N1.06 Upasikaramaya for Buddhist nuns Supreme Court allows petitioners in ‘Anduren Eliyata’ rights case N1.21
N1.07 Light a candle in the dark Buddhist festival in Toronto N1.22
N1.08 Vesak or Valentines? UN recognises Vesak as global holiday N1.23
N1.09 Vesak card with a difference Mihintale, guardian of the memory of Mahinda N1.24
N1.10 Stop that heart attack, go vegetarian Narad Center N1.25

World wakes up to sleeping Buddha

Poson the holiest day of the Buddhists N1.26
N1.12 ..............China gives facelift to world highest Buddha statue......... Buddhism in Europe N1.27
N1.13 Lumbini to loom as world Buddhist centre Intl. Buddhist Centre in London celebrates 10th anniversary N1.28
N1.14 UK academics claim solving Buddha riddle Bringing Theravada Buddhism to the West N1.29
N1.15 Muslim meditators at Vipassana Center Buddhist stand on war and its relevance to the present conflict N1.30


   Aloka News Articles Page 2  
N2.01 Bamiyan, the glory and the tragedy Buddha statue in bar upset people N2.16
N2.02 Searching for Templo budista Bamiyan Buddhas were not the only ones N2.17
N2.03 Aluvihara: where Tripitakas were written Buddhist Fellowship shocked over Taliban move N2.18
N2.04 Fanatics instigated destruction of Bamiyan statues They were faceless but even more powerful: I was awestruck N2.19
N2.05 Ven. Samita as pioneer Bhikku MP Whither Buddha Sasana? Buddhism around the World - Global conference N2.20
N2.06 Important events occurred on Navam Full Moon Day Hundreds embrace Buddhism in Ahmedabad, India  N2.21
N2.07 Thousands of low-caste Hindus convert to Buddhism 227 Buddhist Centres in Manhattan N2.22
N2.08 London Buddhist Vihare celebrates 75 years 50th Anniversary of the German Dharmaduta Society N2.23
N2.09 Establishment of the Sri Lanka Sangha Sabha Buddhism Around The World: Cambodians  N2.24
N2.10 Buddhist stupa rises in the Rockies Buddhist shrines in the Trincomalee district N2.25

'Buddhism is practice, not preaching'

Bollywood Gives Us A Life Of Prince Asoka N2.26
N2.12 Nepal asks India to scrap dam project that will flood Buddha's birth place More Dhamma from Beyond the Net  N2.27
N2.13 Missing hands of Bamiyan Buddha Statue .......Buddha’s vision of peace more relevant than ever - Kofi Annan.......... N2.28
N2.14 First ever Buddhist Procession in UK A dagaba enshrining Kapilawastu Relics N2.29
N2.15 Home is where the heart is Bodhgaya to all humankind N2.30


   Aloka News Articles Page 3  
N3.01 Now he is a sadhu India’s Buddhists N3.16
N3.02 Spirit of Vesak kept alive through many Buddhist symbols Barefoot Buddha on the dusty road N3.17
N3.03 50,000 Hindus, nomads take refuge in the Buddha ...China to mark 1,250th Anniversary of Chinese monk's journey to Japan.. N3.18
N3.04 Seeking solace in Buddhism Who Is Hiding Saddhatissa's Sel Lipi? N3.19
N3.05 Bhutan hosts World Fellowship of Buddhists Servants of the Buddha Society 90 Years Old N3.20
N3.06 Compassionate meditation to improve health Moodu Maha Viharaya: The sun sets in the East for Buddhist temple N3.21
N3.07 Human beings are natural herbivores Ven Narada Maha Thera & the Centre Carrying His Name N3.22
N3.08 Buddhist literature in India

81st anniversary of Mulagandha Kuty Vihara, Sarnath

N3.09 Rebuilding Buddhism in Russia Nirvana — Behind bars N3.24
N3.10 2600th Ann. of Sri Sambuddhatva Jayanthi celebrated at the UN in Geneva Cave where Buddha was offered alms found? N3.25

Amidst beauty and emotion

Miracle on the Rock Face N3.26
N3.12 Keeping the faith - Discovery of Buddhist India Judge Weeramantry warns that 22nd century might never be N3.27
N3.13 The Romantic Coming of Buddhism Buddhist monks and politics N3.28
N3.14 Mihintalawa - The historic event of the arrival of Arhat Thera Mahinda UK Uni to ascertain Buddha’s birth site using latest technology N3.29
N3.15 Appeal of Buddhism in the West Shedding more light on a sacred site N3.30


   Aloka News Articles Page 4  
N4.01 Marvellous Mihintale but not a UNESCO World Heritage Site                        Celebrating The International Wesak day             N4.02








Page Index


 Letters on Buddhism  

Appeared in Sri Lankan News Papers

   Aloka Letters on Buddhism Page 1  
L1.01 Buddha was no Lord A fishy question on meat L1.16
L1.02 Saving animals from slaughter Buddha poojas and not Bodhi poojas L1.17
L1.03 Buddhism and the war Are we human? L1.18
L1.04 Is it ethical for Buddhist monks to eat meat? The Buddhist Commission L1.19
L1.05 The spiritual and earthly motherhood Survival of greatest brutality L1.20
L1.06 What is so unethical about conversions? - 1 'Meet TV programme butchers': rejoinder  L1.21
L1.07 What is so unethical about conversions? - 2 More on animal suffering  L1.22
L1.08 Demonstrations against banning Anduren Eliyata A call to the Maha Sangha L1.23
L1.09 Anduren Andurata - 1 Stop victimisation of Buddhist monks L1.24
L1.10 What matters primarily is 'Emancipation' as the Buddha taught ...........Beliefs and practices in relation to the Bo-tree................ L1.25

Anduren Andurata - 2

'Bodhi' worship vs 'Bodhi puja' L1.26
L1.12 Buddhism in Sri Lanka at cross roads today Buddhism is incomparable L1.27
L1.13 Is Soma Thera telling the truth? This is Vesak, not Valentine's Day L1.28
L1.14 A world of peace on top of a hill Are we true Buddhists? - a reply L1.29
L1.15 Religious values versus TV ads Of meat eating and compassion L1.30


   Aloka Letters on Buddhism Page 2  
L2.01 Dhamma Gathas in Sinhala Jesus mysteries, Buddha mysteries - a reply L2.16
L2.02 Sinhala Buddhists Buddhism - a reply to critics L2.17
L2.03 Why slate Ven. Soma Thera? Vegetarians - say no to cheese - 1 L2.18
L2.04 Empirical knowledge and god Vegetarians - say no to cheese - 2 L2.19
L2.05 Dhamma gathas in Sinhala for Sinhales Enjoy vegetarian cheese L2.20
L2.06 ...Rev Soma Thera and the TV discussions.... Is belief in god inconsistent with Buddhism? L2.21
L2.07 Vesak - a United Nations Special Day Establishment of Siam Nikaya L2.22
L2.08 Caste in the Sangha Vegetarianism L2.23
L2.09 Einstein Christian or Buddhist? A question of health or compassion L2.24
L2.10 Amoeba and rebirth Religious conversion L2.25

Population explosion and rebirth

Belief in God and the EMV virus L2.26
L2.12 The Karma of an Amoeba Dhamma Gathas in Sinhala L2.27
L2.13 The myth of humane slaughter Amoeba and re-birth L2.28
L2.14 Nirvana behind bars Amoebae and rebirth - A reply L2.29
L2.15 Our Urumaya (heritage) The designing of the Buddhist Flag L2.30


   Aloka Letters on Buddhism Page 3  
L3.01 Why don’t first Buddhists give up eating meat – a reply Sangha at the crossroads L3.16
L3.02 Buddhists should give up eating meat - 1 Buddhisms betrayed : Part I L3.17
L3.03 Buddhists should give up eating meat - 2 Buddhisms betrayed : Part II L3.18
L3.04 More on Buddhists should give up eating meat Buddhisms betrayed : Part III L3.19
L3.05 Death, Rebirth and Karma Buddhisms betrayed : Part IV L3.20
L3.06 White blood cells, astral body and astrology Averting the Erosion of Buddhist Values L3.21
L3.07 Whose Vipassana? Why I am a Vegetarian – 1 L3.22
L3.08 Problems caused by history & mathematics Why I am a Vegetarian – 2 L3.23
L3.09 Eating fish and flesh .........Vegetarianism, religion, humanity and nutrition............ L3.24
L3.10 The ‘Poruwa’ ceremony and ‘Popular Buddhism’ Some ethical aspects of vegetarianism L3.25

The Panadura Debate

Busting the myths about veganism L3.26
L3.12 Buddhism does not need any protection Laughing Buddha L3.27
L3.13 Consciousness, Buddhism and Karl Marx Understanding ‘Panna’ L3.28
L3.14 The conscious factor and laymen Woman’s place in Buddhism L3.29
L3.15 An opportunity for scientists to explore the state of Nibbana Dashing coconuts L3.30


   Aloka Letters on Buddhism Page 4  
L4.01 The debate on rebirth Vesak 2011: Pilivethin Pelagesemu L4.16
L4.02 Rebirth and reason Vesak and Poson: Kannangara’s service to Buddhism L4.17
L4.03 More on rebirth Sequence of awakening of the Buddha L4.18
L4.04 Arthur C Clarke & Rebirth ..........The term Lord Buddha is universal rather than Gauthama......... L4.19
L4.05 Rebirth controversy: A clarification Buddhist ideals and musician monks L4.20
L4.06 Sir Arthur C. Clarke commemoration Christmasing Vesak L4.21
L4.07 Sir Arthur and rebirth The correct use of the 'Dharmachakra' L4.22
L4.08 Sir Arthur and rebirth - 2 Astrological predictions L4.23
L4.09 The question of rebirth The post-mortem condition of the Arahant L4.24
L4.10 The question of rebirth - 2 On Nibbana L4.25

Concerning rebirth

More on the metaphysics of Nirvana L4.26
L4.12 Alulena and Bodhipuja Asymmetry in international affairs L4.27
L4.13 Will the Sasana last 45 years to commemorate "Piriniwan Jayanthi"? 'Lord' Buddha L4.28
L4.14 From Rituals to Real Buddhist Practice The Buddha was no Lord L4.29
L4.15 Preferring Buddhist ethics to mere celebrations ‘Lord’ Buddha, or Sammasam-Buddha? L4.30


   Aloka Letters on Buddhism Page 5  
L5.01 Enlightenment: A different view Vegetarianism and animals’ right to life
L5.02 Attaining Buddhahood: Is gender an obstacle? Toying with holy objects only kills their holiness
L5.03 Of Buddhist monks and politics Erosion of the Religion given the World on a Full Moon Dawn in May
L5.04 Psychiatry, Dhamma and Hindi music Who is a Buddhist monk?
L5.05 The Ministry of Crab Extinction Interpretation of Buddhism
L5.06 Monk’s self-sacrifice Protect Sinhala Buddhism from the educated
L5.07 Taking life: warped logic? Protecting Sinhala Buddhism from the Educated – A Reply
L5.08 What monks need to dread Some thoughts for Vesak
L5.09 Buddhism, Vegetarianism and Ahimsa Don’t let the dazzle blind you
L5.10 Believers and non believers Modi on Buddhist spiritual heritage of India

Jews in Sri Lanka: another response

Pirith nool: some queries
L5.12 New shrine in Lumbini under those constructed by Emperor Ashoka Pirith Nool - About 15 years ago I was living in Dubbo
L5.13 Race between men and women Pirith nool have saved lives: A response
L5.14 Social problems: Significance of lion’s approach Pirith: Chanting, Water and Threads
L5.15 Buddhism being destroyed from within Need for purifying one’s mind


   Aloka Letters on Buddhism Page 6  
L6.01 No place in Buddhism for superstition, blind faith and extremism   L6.01
L6.02 Belittling Gauthama Buddha’s achievements – a response   L6.02
L6.03 Gautama Buddha; Unbelievable stories – a response   L6.03
L6.04 Gautama Buddha; Unbelievable stories – a response 2   L6.04
L6.05 Majjima Nikaya says - Apropos the article written by...   L6.05
L6.06 The Miracle of Somawathie Chaitya - When the war, not a civil war as some try...   L6.06
L6.07 The transition from Buddhism to ‘Beggism’ - The new Buddhism of Buddhaghosa...   L6.07
L6.08 Transformation of Buddhism to a Beggism in the hands of its protectors   L6.08
L6.09 Gautamism or Buddhaghosism? - Buddhist Councils have been held...   L6.09
L6.10 Conduct of Bhikkhus - In recent times there has been much criticism...   L6.10
L6.11 Discipline of Sobriety - Several months ago I went for a two-week retreat...   L6.11
L6.12 Stop eating meat: A sermon for savages!   L6.12
L6.13 When and where was the Tipitaka first written? - In an article I wrote...   L6.13








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 Books on Buddhism  


   Aloka Books on Buddhism Page 1  
B1.01 Are we losing our humanity? Promoting Buddhism in Europe B1.16
B1.02 Path to mindfulness Sumana-devi B1.17
B1.03 Vesak Lipi - Another collection of insightful essays A worthy endeavour B1.18
B1.04 A thought-provoking collection Walking with the Buddha B1.19
B1.05 Vesak Lipi Digest.Vol. 23 May/Vesak 2007 Fascinating tale of a monk B1.20
B1.06 Buddha Dhamma for global readership Karma and rebirth portrayed in English Novels B1.21
B1.07 One man's perspective on political monks Women in the footsteps of the Buddha B1.22
B1.08 Ape Budhu Hamuduruwo The Dhammapada B1.23
B1.09 The Jewel of the Universe Ummagga Jatakaya for children B1.24
B1.10 Management lessons from Buddhist jataka stories Buddhist Psychotherapy B1.25

"I go beyond - way beyond"

Origin of species according to the Buddha B1.26
B1.12 A comparative study of the Pratimoksha The Book of the Century B1.27
B1.13 The Vesak Sirisara 2545/2001 ..Buddha's teachings and realities of modern life.. B1.28
B1.14 Bilingual Buddhist digest rich in content Notes on Dhamma B1.29
B1.15 The flower of mankind  The Baby's Flesh | Poems B1.30


   Aloka Books on Buddhism Page 2  
B2.01 The mechanics of Buddhism Excellent New Text on Historic "Atamasthanaya" Litigation... B2.16
B2.02 The Buddhist Times What would the Buddha do? B2.17
B2.03 Journal of Buddhist Studies Jathaka Geetha Sangrahaya B2.18
B2.04 Basic Abhidharmaya Awakening the Buddha Within B2.19
B2.05 Buddhism: its essence and some relevant approaches Buddhism Without Beliefs B2.20
B2.06 The legend of Bundala One Breath at a Time: Buddhism & the Twelve Steps B2.21
B2.07 ‘Findings of Gautama Buddha on the Fundamental Realities of Existence’ In the Buddha's Words B2.22
B2.08 Putting Buddhism to Work The Dhammapada B2.23
B2.09 Buddhist Lanka through American eyes The Foundations of Buddhism B2.24
B2.10 The Buddha and the land on which he trod Modern Buddhism: The Path of Compassion & Wisdom B2.25

Vesak Lipi (No. 26)

Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience B2.26
B2.12 Vesak Lipi Buddhism for Mothers B2.27
B2.13 Evolution of Buddhism in Sri Lanka From Vedic Theology to Buddhist Psychology B2.28
B2.14 Righteousness personified Divesting Buddhism of superstition B2.29
B2.15 Vijja udapadi, Aloko udapadi The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching B2.30


   Aloka Books on Buddhism Page 3  
B3.01 Buddha Puda Puja Sanskrutiya          The Hermit of Bundala - Only in a vertical view, straight down into the... B3.08
B3.02 Theravada Buddhism: The view of the Elders Early Buddhist Teachings B3.09
B3.03 Much awaited re-print of popular text 'Buddhist Ecclesiastical Law' Buddhists Awake! B3.10
B3.04 Arahant Mahinda - Redactor of the Buddhapujawa in Sinhala Buddhism Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha Part 1 - Part 2 B3.11
B3.05 Buddhism for the Young and the Restless The Buddhist Catechism - The basic doctrines of Buddhism B3.12
B3.06 Firewall for Buddhism Entering the Stream to Enlightenment: Experiences of the Stages of the Buddhist Path B3.13
B3.07 Life and Lives Outside Politics - Selected Writings of an Octogenarian The Lion's Roar - This colossus who strode across the Buddhist scene B3.14








Page Index


 Buddhist Personalities  



   Aloka Buddhist Personalities Page 1  
P1.01 Why I became a Buddhist Colonel Olcott P1.11
P1.02 Master of meditation The necessity for promoting Buddhism in Europe P1.12
P1.03 Into the West: Spreading the practice of Dhamma Sanghamitta Theri P1.13
P1.04 Solutions through Buddhist stories Alec Robertson P1.14
P1.05 Venerable Ajahn Sumedho in Sri Lanka The recluse of Bundala P1.15
P1.06 SWRD Bandaranaike: "Why I became a Buddhist" The legend of Bundala: Nanavira Thera P1.16
P1.07 A meditator and her dogs Impressions of an International Buddhist Activist - Dr. Ambedkar P1.17
P1.08  Canadian monk's way for peace of mind His mission was moulding man P1.18
P1.09 Dr. Paul Dahlke championed the cause of Buddhism in Europe.... Nalin Swaris – As I saw him P1.19
P1.10 Colonel Henry Steele Olcott Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala, a tribute P1.20


   Aloka Buddhist Personalities Page 2  
P2.01 Versatile Anagarika Dharmapala Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thero P2.11
P2.02 Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera - 'forthright' one S. Mahinda Thera P2.12
P2.03 Biography of Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thero (Himi) Ven. Madihe Pannaseeha Nayaka Swaminwahanse P2.13
P2.04 Anagarika Dharmapala Speech Ven. Madihe Pannasiha Mahanayaka Thera - 1 P2.14
P2.05 Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda Thera Ven. Madihe Pannasiha Mahanayaka Thera - 2 P2.15
P2.06 Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda Ven. Narada Maha Thera P2.16
P2.07 Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thera Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero P2.17
P2.08 Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thero Dr. E. W. Adikaram - 1 P2.18
P2.09 Sikkim Mahinda Thero Dr. E. W. Adikaram - 2 P2.19
P2.10 Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thera Dr. E. W. Adikaram - 3 P2.20


   Aloka Buddhist Personalities Page 3  
P3.01 Most Venerable Hagoda Khemananda Nayaka thera Alec Robertson - An eloquent propagator of the Dhamma... P3.11
P3.02 Forgotten Buddhist pioneers from Galle Anagarika Dharmapala - The teachings of the Buddha P3.12
P3.03 My first encounter with a Buddhist Monk Rajah Kuruppu - A Good Buddhist P3.13
P3.04 Major General Ananda Weerasekera Venerable Fa-Hien - Down the roads of a Buddhist explorer P3.14
P3.05 Brahmachchari Walisinghe Harischandra The Buddhist that Emperor Asoka was P3.15
P3.06 Walisinghe Harischandra The continuing efforts of the Maha Theras to preserve the Dhamma in purity P3.16
P3.07 Sir Cyril de Zoysa’s contribution to uplifting Buddha Sasana....... Anagarika Dharmapala: His vision and mission P3.17
P3.08 Sir Cyril de Zoysa, the great Buddhist devotee Anagarika’s efforts to foster Buddhism in Asia began in Adyar P3.18
P3.09 Understanding Ven. Nagarjuna Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha Nayake Thero P3.19
P3.10 Valisinghe Harischandra Ven Bhikkhuni Tathaloka - A most welcome visitor to Sri Lanka P3.20
   Aloka Buddhist History Page 1  
H1.01 The glittering history of Mihintale Flag of faith flies high H1.11
H1.02 Buddhism in ancient Israel and Arabia The birth of the Buddhist flag H1.12
H1.03 A journey through cave temples Buddha Gaya – then and now H1.13
H1.04 Buddhism regained A visit to Buddhagaya H1.14
H1.05 The seat of enlightenment Symbolism in Buddhism H1.15
H1.06 The great Tamil Buddhists Sri Dalada Puja for Vesak Poya - A blessing H1.16
H1.07 Unfinished business at Tantrimale Kesariya the tallest stupa H1.17
H1.08 Bringing back the glory of Gandhara Four sacred places a devout Buddhist should visit H1.18
H1.09 .....Tale of two cities from Buddhist Burma........... Senanigama at Buddha Gaya where Sujatha lived H1.19
H1.10 Unrolling precious scrolls Senchi, forest retreat of king Vessantara H1.20


   Aloka Buddhist History Page 2  
H2.01 The pristine glory of Dighavapi Major events of Buddhism - A Time Line H2.11
H2.02 Arahat Mahinda's gift to Sri Lanka Bodhgaya to all humankind H2.12
H2.03 Buddha’s visits to Sri Lanka Existence of Buddhism before the arrival of Arhath Mahinda H2.13
H2.04 Unduvap Pasalosvaka Poya Ancient Buddhist links between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka H2.14
H2.05 Sri Maha Bodhi - a living link with the past Kusinara - the sacred site of Maha Parinibbana H2.15
H2.06 The historic mission of Ven. Mahinda Thera 2307 years ago. The interaction between Hellenistic Greece and Buddhism H2.16
H2.07 How the Vesak Poya was declared a holiday Theravada Buddhism - A Chronology H2.17
H2.08 King Wessanthara and the cave he lived in exile Heritage forgotten: Ghandara civilization site fading away H2.18
H2.09 From the Footprint of the Buddha Buddhism's 'Dead Sea Scrolls' for sale to Norway H2.19
H2.10 The sacred Bo tree was no dwarf Bonsai In Afghanistan, 900ft Sleeping Buddha eludes archaeologists H2.20


   Aloka Buddhist History Page 3  
H3.01 Restoration of Mahiyangana stupa begins History of Mihintalava H3.11
H3.02 Rankoth Vihara - The hallowed Buddhist Shrine of Panadura ..Adam's Peak, the mountain of Sacred Footprint of Sri Lanka: The History.... H3.12
H3.03 Historic Tantirimale Viharaya Sri Pada: Shrouded in legend and history H3.13
H3.04 Pillar Edicts of King Asoka Nalanda: The world's first university H3.14
H3.05 The most sacred symbol of Buddhists: Dhammacakka is not a cog-wheel Abhayagiriya: The conservation of an archaeological edifice H3.15
H3.06 The Compassion of Buddha Tracing the origins of Rankoth Vihara H3.16
H3.07 Awakening a Sleeping Buddha The Buddha's visit to Sri Lanka H3.17
H3.08 Buddhist relics unearthed in Taxila Buddha’s second visit to Sri Lanka H3.18
H3.09 Phases of early Buddhism in South India and Sri Lanka Did the Buddha visit Sri Lanka? Point of view H3.19
H3.10 The Kapilavasthu Buddha relics and Sir Alexander Cunningham Buddha's visit to Nagadeepa H3.20

   Aloka Buddhist History Page 4  
H4.01 Buddha’s visits to Sri Lanka indisputable Earliest 'shrine' uncovered at Buddha's birthplace H4.11
H4.02 Buddhist heritage of Tamil Nadu and its links with Lanka Saga of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree H4.12
H4.03 The Karimun inscription Buddha's first visit to Lankadeepa (Sri Lanka)  2595 years ago. H4.13
H4.04 Memorable Journey of an Arahant The day a new civilization was born in Sri Lanka H4.14
H4.05 The history of the Kapilavastupura Relics Ancient Buddha statue raises two fingers just like modern day... H4.15
H4.06 India rediscovered and the Buddhist Resurgence The great betrayal of Theravada Buddhism? H4.16
H4.07 Portuguese arrival and Lanka’s colonisation Thanthirimale Ancient temple in a valley of scenic beauty H4.17
H4.08 The Rift between Theravada and Mahayana Comparison of the Mahindian and post - Mahindian eras H4.18
H4.09 A Tale Of Three Buddhas Maha Seya: The mightiest dagoba H4.19
H4.10 Zheng He, the greatest navigator to visit Sri Lanka from China The miracle of Sankassa – fact or fable? H4.20
   Aloka Buddhist History Page 5  
H5.01 The hidden history of Buddhism in the West - The establishment of a previously alien religion   H5.01







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   Aloka Buddhist Pictorial Slide Shows  

Life story of Buddha -  Pictorial chronicle of Buddha's life


A visit to Atamasthana  These are eight main Buddhist places of worship in the ancient sacred city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. These places are valued for their artistic, historical and archaeological value.


A visit to Solosmasthana  The sixteen places of Buddhist pilgrimage sites of worship in Sri Lanka. According to the chronicles of Sri Lanka, these 16 places hallowed by visits of the Buddha.


Pictorial History of Buddhist Pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka - Part 1


Pictorial History of Buddhist Pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka - Part 2


Foot steps of Buddha - India & Nepal









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