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Pilot Data

Name: Ranga Rashmika
Date of Join: 02 11 2012
Designation: Second Officer
ALK-VA Pilot ID: ALK3636
Email: rashmika3636@yahoo.com
Vatsim / IVAO No: 1220199

Aircraft Type Ratings: A320




1) Please send your picture to publish with your records.

2) Last ALK-VA flight 20 11 2012.

ALK-VA Flying Log Book
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Total Hours


ALK-VA Pilot ID*: 3636

Date Flight Completed*: 20/11/2012 
ALK-VA Flight Number*: 161
Departure Time GMT*: 1310
Arrival Time GMT*: 1420
Actual Flight Time*: 01:10
Remarks: nothing unusual to report
Flown with Vatsim or IVAO?*: No

Pirep Accepted.



ALK-VA Pilot ID*: 3636

Type of Check Flight *: SCF - Standard Check Flight
Date Flight Completed*: 04/11/2012 
Aircraft Type*: A320
Departure Time - GMT*: 10:32 AM
Final Landing Time - GMT*: 11:43 AM
Actual Flight Time*: 01:11
Number of Touch-and-go landings*: 3
Flown with Vatsim or IVAO?*: No

SCF for A320 accepted and aircraft rating certificate issued.



Joining Application

Name*: Ranga Rashmika

Preferred ALK-VA ID Number*: 3636
Email*: rashmika3636@yahoo.com
Vatsim ID Number: 1220199
MS Flight Simulator Version*: FSX
Please contact me about ALK-VA news and events*: Yes
I have read and agree to the Terms of Service of ALK-VA
(Refer Policy & Operations manuals)*: Yes, I agree.

Date*: 2/11/2012 

Application accepted.



* Pilot Ranking and Aircraft Rating system updated. Refer Policy Manual and Check Flight Center for further details.

* Individual pilot's flying data is stored in ALK-VA Flying Records archives.


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— Wilbur Wright, from an address to the Western Society of Engineers, Chicago, 18 September 1901.

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