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  ALK-VA A330 4R-ALA dawn departure from runway 22


Here you will find information on essential/optional software required to enhance your flight simulation experience. Follow the links below to visit main web sites to get full information, demos and downloads. Descriptions are provided to help you determine the function of the software.

ALK-VA flight operations has the following minimum requirements.


Flight Bag Freeware Links

  • Vatsim: VATSIM is an online community created for enthusiasts of flight simulation and air traffic control. VATSIM is a free service. BUT before you start, you have to be registered with VATSIM. The registration process is quite simple and there are no join up costs. There are many helpful information regarding online flying and general flight simulator procedure.

  • FSInn: FSInn is a freeware pack which comes with numerous features and enables you to connect your Flight Sim to the VATSIM Network. FSInn has a large number of features including a radar screen, a push back feature and the ability to ensure that all other multiplayer aircraft are depicted in their correct  livery. All of the information regarding FSinn and FScopilot is contained in a very good users manual.

  • Squawkbox: SquawkBox is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that connects virtual pilots to online air traffic control networks. It adds tremendous realism to your flights by connecting you to an online world populated with virtual air traffic controllers. These controllers are real people that communicate with you on voice, handling every aspect of your flight: filing your flight plan, getting clearance, pushback, taxiing, takeoff and landing.

  • Air Charts: AirCharts is a rapidly expanding service for virtual aviation enthusiasts to quickly gather the most up-to-date aviation charts retrieved almost exclusively from real world aviation agencies with focus on virtual pilots and virtual controllers on the VATSIM Network.


  • RouteFinder: Route generator for PC flight simulation use.


  • Freeware aircraft/panels/scenery/utilities files for FS.

  • Freeware aircraft/panels/scenery/utilities files for FS.

  • Vataware: Provides statistical tracking and history for pilots on the VATSIM simulated flight network.


VATSIM Traffic and ATC Display

  • VAT-Spy: Is a simple application that allows you to view current ATC staffing and traffic levels on VATSIM. It is modeled after ServInfo, a very popular traffic and ATC viewer for multiple online flying networks.

  • Fly Away Simulation: The most complete flight simulator website featuring flight simulator downloads, news and add-ons for Microsoft Flight, FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane.

  • Simviation: Freeware addons for Microsoft Flight simulator series, FSX, FS2004, Combat Flight Simulator and other PC Flight Simulation products like Flight gear.

Flight Simulator Navigation

  • FS Navigation: Aircraft Navigation tutorials devoted to Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Covers standard Air Navigation, Navigation Charts, NDB Navigation, VOR Navigation, ILS Approaches, etc.

  • was founded in 2005 by a web developer who was learning to fly. Since then it has grown in popularity to become the number one internet destination for aeronautical charts.

  • Premier Aircraft Design DHC6-300 Twin Sea Otter Floats Package. For FSX, (VC), cabin. Rugged back country aircraft. Floats only, no gear. Textures only for the FSX DHC6-300 Twin Sea Otter Float Sri Lankan Air Taxi C- FBBA, also available in the same page.

  • FSUIPC: Is an add-in for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/FSX which provides an interface for other programs to read and write all sorts of pertinent data relating to the simulation, and in many ways even to control the actual process itself.
    It is an essential ingredient in many add-on FS programs, and, in fact, may be installed on your system by any one or more of them already. For most such programs you do not need to actually purchase FSUIPC. That deal, for their access, will often have been already done by the add-on program makers.


  • FSACARS is a software developed to emulate the real world ACARS system in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and in addition to use that information to create detailed pilot reports to VAs.

Commercial Products

  • Navigraph NAVData-Service: Provides the flight simulator community with FMS Data. The data will be available from this website with monthly non-delayed revisions. Navigraph will charge a few credits for each download. The exact price for the service is still to be decided.

  • FS Commander: FlightSim Commander is a professional flight planner, GPS, Moving Map and navigation tool for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X . Being a  stand-alone program, FlightSim Commander can also be used in a network or with single-monitor or multi-monitor systems.

  • Wilco Airbus Evolution series: Airbus Series Evolution is today's most advanced, most realistic, most complete Airbus simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX/2004).


  • Development and publishing of high-end add-ons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerosoft is at present the leading software publisher of Flight and Train Simulation add-ons offering more than 25 new products every year.

  • The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System: Is highly engineered to meet the exacting needs of the true flight simulation enthusiast. Stainless steel shaft, ergonomic controls, integrated chronograph and separate throttle quadrant ensure a smooth, accurate and totally realistic flying experience.

  • PC Aviator: The Company Who Helps You To Realize Your Dream To Fly.


Airbus A330



Hours and hours passed, with nothing to do but keep the compass on its course and the plane on a level keel. This
sounds easy enough, but its very simplicity becomes a danger when your head keeps nodding with weariness and
utter boredom and your eyes everlastingly try to shut out the confusing rows of figures in front of you, which
will insist on getting jumbled together. Tired of trying to sort them out, you relax for a second, then your head
drops and you sit up with a jerk, Where are you? What are you doing here? Oh yes, of course, you are somewhere in
the middle of the North Atlantic, with hungry waves below you like vultures impatiently waiting for the end.

- Amy Johnson -









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